For Yacht & Hotel Innovation its customers are more than that. They are its valuable partners. 

Setting as top priority its partner’s needs, YHI carries out its projects with the absolute sense of duty which conforms to a high-quality project.

Yacht & Hotel Innovation stands always beside its partners, providing them a strong feeling of trust and reliability.

YHI products’ quality is a promise to its customers to meet their highest expectations for a high-aesthetic flooring or decking solutions. 

Otherwise, for YHI the word Design is the synonym to Quality, for this reason its constant goal is to make the difference in the Flooring Industry.

YHI embodies “Innovation”.

Teak is an expensive, beautiful and luxurious part of any yacht. However, as every product has its quality levels, so does TEAK wood. For this reason, you need to choose the highest one!

Use the mildest cleaning products, e.g. natural green soap made by virgin olive oil.

Use generously water to keep teak deck wet during the cleaning procedure.