YACHT & HOTEL INNOVATION Teak Burma wood is only TOP FEQ quality, directly imported from the forests of Myanmar.

Having the advantage of commercial control and the choice of quality cutting logs – always aiming at excellent quality – the stock of the  company responds directly to the highest demands of the end user.

YACHT & HOTEL INNOVATION Marine Line coats luxury yachts with high quality Teak wood, with so fine finishing that being on board, makes it a wonderful trip to the architectural luxury. Using only BURMA TEAK FEQ, results to a more convenient, durable and resistant deck. Having as main goal to consistently provide high quality products and services to its customers, YHI is manned with a highly qualified and experienced technical staff of super yacht teak deckers and carpenters.

YHI having the necessary know-how at every required stage valuates and proposes the most qualitied, cost-efficient and agile  process for your teak deck installation. From start to end, undertakes the technical study, fabrication, construction and installation of Teak wood on your boat, externally and internally, providing a teak colour uniformity according  to the Highest Standards of Top Yacht Builders.


YHI, along with its Teak Experts Team, provides a wide variety of refit and maintenance services.

Refit & Maintenance services:

  • Replacing of the existing deck
  • Replacing teak planks and margins
  • Replacing peripheral deck caulk
  • Removing existing teak deck caulk & re-caulking teak deck seams
  • Sanding teak decks
  • Teak deck renovation and repairs

Other Refit Services: 

  • Renovation & Refitting of custom exterior deck furniture
  • Construction & re-varnishing of tables, chairs, sun beds, Jacuzzi surrounds, shower grills, bars
  • Construction & refitting of gangways
  • Renovation of ceilings