Teak is an expensive, beautiful and luxurious part of any yacht.

However, as every product has its quality levels, so does TEAK wood. For this reason, you need to choose the highest one! YHI offers a total system of BURMA TEAK FEQ Flooring. From importing the First European Quality Teak wood directly from Burma, Myanmar, to the controlled and professional cut processing and the installation of the final teak planks on your deck by our high-experienced technical experts.



> Durable & resistant to water

> Locks up its shape

> Provides a Luxurious and Smooth Finish on the surface

> Easy to handle, clean & maintain

> Solid material and at the same time Elastic

> Resistant to termites

> Long Life lasting



> Direct Importers of Burma Teak Wood FEQ.

> Experienced Teak Deck Technical Experts installing, repairing, refitting, renovating your deck.

> Reliable Back Office team available for any information, clarification, request or contact.

> Warranty for a durable, luxurious, high-quality result on your deck.